New Hire Information

Here on the New Hire Information Page, you will be able to find bullet points of information that you may want to know before you begin your new position at Precision Opinion.  Should something you’d like to know not be on this page, it may be on the Employee Handbook page, you may just want to ask the Human Resources department by contacting them through the Team Member Center.

Parking Information

During your first week of work, there is street level parking on Kishner. Upon graduation from training, you will be able to sign up for a Parking Spot.

What To Bring

Precision Opinion will supply you with everything that you need. If at anytime you wish to revisit materials covered in class, all you have to do is login to the Team Member Center and request additional training from the main menu tab. We are here to help and want you to succeed. If you want to know more, just ask!


On your first day, you will be given the option to choose what days you would like on and off. You are able to change this availability once every 90-days by asking for a ‘Availability Form’ from the Human Resources Department.

Lengths of shifts on each day vary from week-to-week depending on client requirements.  You will be notified of any changes made to your schedule via text, email, phone call or internal scheduling system.

We may sometimes ask if you would be willing to come in on an off day, also, for extra hours!


Employees are paid every Friday. There are two methods for receiving compensation for work:

Global Cash Card
Direct Deposit

Hours of Operation

The Data Collection Center is open 7 days a week. The general hours of operation are:

  • Monday – Friday, 10:00a to 10:00p
  • Saturday – Sunday, 08:00a to 08:00p
Please note that if specialty projects occurs, you may be asked to participate in a shift that is earlier or later than these general hours of operation. 

Employee Badges

Upon graduation from training, you will be given an Employee Badge which contains your name, photo and an access card that allows you to enter the Data Collection Center.  The badge must be worn at all times.

If you forget your badge, you are allowed to use a temporary one for the day. However, you are only allowed one temporary badge per month.

Where To Eat?

We have an on-site convenience store called 101 Mart that is available to all that come on premises. At 101 Mart, employees are able to utilize an ATM, purchase snacks, drinks, hot dogs, sandwiches, and other supplies that you may need!

Refrigerators are available in the employee break room if you would like to bring your own food to work, as well.

Employee Locker Room

Lockers for personal items storage are available in the Downstairs Employee Locker Room free of charge. All that we ask is that you supply your own lock and that you do not store belongings in the locker room over-night.

Precision Opinion is not responsible for any lost or stolen items out of the locker room, so we highly suggest that you use a lock when personal belongings are in a locker.

Dress Code

The Research Associate dress code is to be Business Professional. This means clean, neat clothing, collared shirts for men, and business appropriate tops for women.  There are no open toed shoes allowed (i.e., Sandals) or Shorts.  Jeans are acceptable, but must be clean, not sagging and not ripped.  For more information on our dress guidelines, you may reference the Employee Handbook or click the link below for a quick example.

Courtesy Patrol

Precision Opinion offers on-site Courtesy Patrol Officers to ensure a safe working environment and provide general customer services related to our facility.

Data Collection Divisions

At Precision Opinion, we have three core divisions of phone data collection:

Social Science Division

The Social Science Division is on that requires great attention to detail and quality of work.  It is a moderately paced environment where Research Associates conduct a more long-term style of survey. To be successful in this division, you will need to show exemplary critical thinking skills, the ability to probe respondents to the best answers possible, and focus highly on quality and reading verbatim.

Employee schedules for this division are typically given out one to two weeks in advance.

Consumer Division

The Consumer Division is a fast-paced environment where research associates will call thousands of households across America on a daily basis to complete relatively short, quick surveys about an array of topics ranging from Politics to Entertainment.

Because of survey projects rotate in and out of field on a daily basis and categories are continually change, employee schedules for this division is typically given out 72 hours in advance.

Government Division

Those that are selected to participate in our Government Division are given the opportunity to participate in one of the largest, longest running and most vital surveys that has been conducted by the United States Government.

The Government Division (GRD for short) is a slower paced environment and schedules are set two to four weeks in advance.

Need more information beyond the highlights above? Feel free to read the Employee Handbook or Contact Human Resources to get your questions answered!